Films 2019

Welcome On Board

We are glad to announce the program of the Urban Cinema Vision Section. Films that are fit to the concept of Urban Cinema Vision in the best way. All these 24 films were selected from more than 1000 shorts (1340 to be precise). So we can assume that they are really outstanding works of contemporary visual art.

The screening will be held at the cultural hub of Ok16 (Minsk) on September, 15 at 8 pm.

Yokai (Director — Eirik Heggen) 

WARTIME, SOMETIME (director Director — Dermot Lynskey)

Golf Sale (Director — David Crabtree)

Metro (Director — Ximena Campuzano Hurtado)

Empty Spaces (Director — Grégoire de Bernouis)

March of the Thinking Machines (Director — Adi Gelbart)

Train (Director — Ela Bogucka)

Gentle Giant (Director — Kioumars Mohammadchenari)

Red River (Director — Naya Kuu)

Omercato (Director — Nicolas Flory)

Daily Commute (Director — Scott Palazzo)

Indoor Days (Director — Asaki Nishino)

Dailies from the USA (Director — Michael Woods)

Heroes to Zeros (Director — Giorgia Grassini)

u$aar v3.0 (Director — Sandra Araújo)

Santa on vacation (Director — Igor Elovskih)

Return of Zorro (Director — Igor Elovskih)

The Plastic Godzilla of the Baltic Sea (Director — Ambulance (a group by Reetta Neittaanmäki & Kaisa Penttilä)

Game Over (Director — CARLOS ALONSO OJEA)

AngstMode3000 (Director — Lauren Valley)

Mr. Eichmann and the Maverick Goat (Director — Qiao (Joe) Cheng)

The Note (Director — Siavash Eydani)

P60 (Director — Schnater)

Intersectional BioPolitics of Sizzurp (Director — Eli Ayres)