FILMS 2022

Welcome On Board


So we’re almost ready to set off and bring with us a wonderful program of films. A little bit of backstory.
Last year we sailed about 400 km down the Berezina and Dnieper, stopping near Rechitsa and Gomel. At that time the borders were closed, we needed to improve the CinemaVan, i.e. to make it lighter and more mobile overland.
The borders were finally opened, but war had broken out. The original plan was to go down the Dnieper to the Black Sea, and then to Turkey and beyond. A year ago, only in a scary dream could one imagine that the Black Sea would be mined, the front line would run along the Dnieper, and the world would be on the brink of nuclear war.
Now the CinemaVan is located near Zyabrovka, a military airbase. Literally, the shadows of attack aircraft and heavy bombers run across its lowered wings.
Now the basis of the CinemaVan will be a cargo three-wheeled motorcycle. This should greatly increase its land mobility. This was preceded by a long epic. Getting the license, transporting it from St. Petersburg, registration at the traffic police. It turns out that such a vehicle was brought into Belarus for the first time, so the hassle with the registration (without it you cannot go abroad) is not over yet (crossing fingers).
Now we have to run it in and reequip the body and integrate it into the catamaran.


Project TitleDirectorsDurationCountry of Origin
CuriosityJames Wilsher00:03:41United Kingdom
DING (Thing)Malte Stein00:04:32Germany
Mad in XpainCoke Rioboo Cortes00:12:00Spain
Rocks and Crows Anne Thorens00:04:10Switzerland
Sacred FoolMaria Allred00:17:54United States
Worms Ate My FleshNigel Braddock00:04:56New Zealand


Project TitleDirectorsLengthCountry
COUCOU TCHOUTCHOUCharlie Mars00:03:20France
Big TouchChristopher Tenzis00:03:00US
Good resolutionssara priorelli00:02:38Italy
Low Rez — When Love Takes.Joël Jent00:03:50Switzerland
BambukoAdam Wachulewicz00:01:50Poland
DehumanizedLouis Brückner00:00:47Germany
SphereNikodem Kłoś00:03:35Poland
Station of LifeKhalid Hasan Khan00:02:00Pakistan
SpectresGaele Sobott00:02:00Australia
TuuthVincent Pongracz,
Peter Rom
Thanatos & PhobosEvgeniya Vladimirova00:01:43Poland
Whatsthenameofthatband.mp4Carissa Sky Carlberg00:02:04US


Project TitleDirectorsDurationCountry of Origin
QUEENMari Orstavik00:19:08Norway
A Bad DebtYuen Lam, Mary Wong00:23:47Hong Kong
 Unter der WelleVeronika Hafner00:39:00Germany


Project TitleDirectorsDurationCountry of Origin
Total DisasterKeil Orion Troisi,
Molly Gore
00:11:28United States
Atomkraftwerk ZwentendorfHope Tucker00:16:40United States