Welcome On Board

We’re currently completing the van. The garage is located in Minsk, Belarus, see the map above. You can come and help. In addition, you can help from a distance with the programming, planning of film screenings, routes, discussions.
The van is a platform for engineering, artistic and social experiments. Community guidelines are set out in the Technical Specification (see below), which can be openly discussed and edited. Google doc & FB



  1. AM9507 is a registration number of a catamaran that is named as CinemaVan or Eidos. CinemaVan (Eidos) is a mobile carriage of culture (MCC).
  2. MCC is a platform for cultural and technical improvements and innovations. MCC may be constructed and reconstructed. 
  3. MCC is a space for a community. The community is not constrained with the number of places on the board. It can consist of not cinema-lovers only but musicians, scientists, artists, any inspired people from all over the world.
  4. MCC may be represented as a caravan of bikes, vessels, etc.
  5. Principles and regulations are specified in a technical specification (TS) . This document is opened for discussing, commenting, and editing.
  6. This FB group was created for crew training. We will discuss the project’s plans, arrange meetings, finish the CinemaVan (Eidos), make preparations for departure.
  7. The mission is a road with a known start point but without a known finish. A route is improvised by the way without rush and vanity.
  8. Anybody may join the caravan who is ready to adopt the principles, and support the community, and do not destroy it.
  9. The crew members of the ship are aware of their responsibility for the future and sustainability of the project, and for the life and the health of other members.